Q8 Innovation and Digitalisation Training


We are excited to share the latest developments in our collaboration with Q8 as they continue their exciting transformative journey. As part of its ongoing transformation program, Q8 International is dedicated to enhancing its core competencies in innovation, digitalisation, and agility.

Their primary goal was to instil new capabilities in these crucial areas, fostering a common language among team members and promoting collaboration across different departments and operating units. In collaboration with Tomorrowlab the Q8 Innovation and Digitalisation Training was born.

Some key highlights from the training:

Tailored In-Company Training:

The training was meticulously designed with two modules. Each module commenced with an inspirational day to ignite creativity and broaden perspectives. Module 1 included an innovation training, structured as a hackathon, while Module 2 focused on customer journey mapping and the application of smart tools. Both modules concluded with a pitching session, rigorously evaluated by a diverse jury.

Global and multi-disciplinary participation:
A total of 25 participants from different backgrounds, and four operating units spanning Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, and The Netherlands actively engaged in the training sessions.

Hands-On Approach:
To ensure practical application, the training limited theoretical content, emphasizing hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios.

Strategic Location:
Participants had the opportunity to stay at the VOCO Hotel in the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, facilitating networking activities in the evenings.

Teambuilding Opportunities: In addition to the training sessions, participants engaged in team-building activities, fostering connections and collaboration outside the formal training environment.


If you are interested in learning more about this transformative training or exploring its implementation within your company, please do not hesitate to reach out to our TomorrowLab colleague Ehsan Karimi Rad.

We believe that by investing in these core competencies, companies can not only keep pace with industry advancements but also stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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