Efficient energy management: now and in the future

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Increasing electrification, the phase-out of fossil fuels and the rise of renewable energy sources present us with huge challenges with an impact for everyone. The way we see and deal with energy is undergoing a profound change, not only for industrial sites and large consumers, but also for individual end-users.

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Keeping the Balance

The necessary transition to cleaner energy sources such as wind and solar power is in full swing. However, a challenge arises: not all green energy can be generated at the time of demand, and conversely, not all electricity demand can be matched to the times of green energy generation.

This puts the stability of our electricity grid at risk. Fortunately, solutions are available:

- However, traditional solutions such as investing in additional infrastructure (such as high-voltage cables, transformer stations,...) carry a significant financial burden.

- A more innovative approach involves matching supply and demand through a system of rewards and penalties. This approach results in price signals in different energy markets, where supply and demand meet.

Smart Batteries from sonnen

Smart networks of battery storage systems that respond to these price signals offer a solution to maintain grid balance. Smart-E-Grid is one such smart energy management system that connects the more than 5,200 sonnen home batteries installed in Belgium into one large virtual power plant.

How does Smart-E-Grid work?

The more complex energy markets are only accessible to large installations, but that is precisely Smart-E-Grid's strength. Thanks to the virtual power plant of the thousands of sonnen batteries, large volumes of energy and capacity can be traded in markets otherwise inaccessible to individual end-users. This allows this benefit to be passed on directly to the end customer's energy bill.

Several markets are supported:

  • Since October 2023, a new market has been made accessible to Smart-E-Grid power plant members: the so-called actual imbalance market (15 minutes). Based on the actual surpluses or deficits on the market, a very last-minute price signal is given to restore the balance on the grid. Smart-E-Grid monitors and manages energy flows in real-time and will use advanced algorithms to determine when it is beneficial to generate, store, consume or feed energy into the grid, entirely in function of the end customer's household and the needs on the current imbalance market.

Consequence: the electricity grid becomes more efficient and stable, further reducing dependence on fossil fuels AND consumers benefit from the most advantageous tariffs and a smaller ecological footprint.

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