Bathroom trends for 2024


Modern bathrooms on show

A modern walk-in shower, smart light control in the mirror cabinet or a toilet with gentle shower spray, feel-good moments are paramount in the modern bathroom. Soft colors, strong contrasts and lots of clever technology should not be missing. Designer Christoph Behling outlines the latest bathroom trends for 2024.

Bathroom furniture trends

“The modern bathroom is a place for beauty and care,” says designer Christoph Behling. “These care products need space.” The washbasin cabinet is perfect for this, as it offers practical storage space.

Wall-hung washbasin cabinets suspended above the floor are also a good idea. These have become an integral part of the bathroom. Products integrated in the wall, such as mirror cabinets, create special design moments – including in small rooms.

“Matt ceramic surfaces and colors are not as reflective. The bathroom appears warmer and more homely,” explains the designer. In terms of design, there is an increasing trend towards individualism. In terms of color, furniture or material, the choices are almost endless and result in exclusive, unique design moments. At Geberit, bathroom furniture and washbasins from different series can be combined with each other according to personal wishes thanks to the “Mix & Matchprinciple. This allows for a wide range of design combinations.

Modern showers and bathtubs

Tiled floor-even showers are replacing old shower cubicles and impress thanks to barrier-free entry to the shower area. “Flooring that covers the entire bathroom is practical and makes the room appear larger and more architecturally elegant,” adds Christoph Behling.

When it comes to the bathtub, the freestanding version remains very popular. As these usually have a special design, the room becomes architecturally eye-catching with a minimum of effort. With the addition of a whirlpool function, the bathtub can even transform the bathroom into a mini oasis of well-being just for you.

Current colours and combinations

Pantone announced Peach Fuzz – a mixture of pink and orange – as its 2024 Colour of the Year. The warm colour reflects natural light sources optimally, which makes the room appear brighter and more airy. This is particularly beneficial in the bathroom, which is usually a small room without large windows. The soft peach colour can help to increase the sense of space in the room while also ensuring a cosy atmosphere. In the bathroom, Peach Fuzz can be combined particularly well with other pastel colours, warm brown shades, and white.

Black matt will continue to gain in popularity in the bathroom. Similar to chrome, it can be combined with every colour and tile. As a tap or furniture colour, black matt creates an exciting contrast to the simple ceramic appliances when used in combination with wood or organic materials, such as natural stone with striking veins running through it. As the colour absorbs reflected light, the bathroom is less brighter and therefore more cosy.

New, innovative functions in the bathroom

Clever bathroom lighting

Intelligent light systems are one of the innovative and essential functions when it comes to current bathroom trends. In particular, this includes lighting that can be adjusted according to your everyday routine. White, bright light in the bathroom in the morning not only wakes you up, but also makes everyday bathroom routines such as cleaning teeth, applying make-up and shaving easier. In the evening, however, subdued, warm light helps your body to relax and prepares you for bedtime.

This combination of colour temperature and brightness is offered by the innovative Geberit ComfortLight. It can also be continuously dimmed and thus tailored to your individual requirements. This not only results in optimal lighting conditions for your bathroom routines, but also a homely atmosphere.


Furthermore, a smart solution such as the ComfortLight light control means the atmosphere in the room can be adjusted easily by app according to the time of day or night. Innovative mirror functions such as antimist heating impress both in terms of practicality and design.

WCS with thorough flush technology

It may not be obvious, but there are also big differences when it comes to flushing the toilet. How the water is directed through the toilet bowl has a significant influence on the flushing performance. If everything is clean after just one flush, you not only save water, but also reduce your cleaning effort. Flush technologies that direct the water spirally over the inner surface are more efficient. A good example is the Geberit TurboFlush flush technology.

Comfort and well-being include innovative shower toilets with additional functions such as odour extraction and powerful yet quiet flush technology. This brings us to the next bathroom trend.

Smart home trends in bathroom

Smart home technologies in the bathroom create customised bathroom experiences. This also includes intelligent toilets and cleaning with water. Shower toilets, for example, allow for a gentle and natural hygiene experience on the toilet.

The spray arm position, water temperature and intensity of the shower spray can be changed intuitively at the touch of a button via remote control or app. The smart controls allow for individual settings and indicate when the ceramic appliance has to be descaled. You can also save user profiles.

More relevant than ever: sustainability in the bathroom

The efficient and sparing use of water is also a hot topic in the bathroom and is becoming increasingly important. With the right product selection, significant water savings can be achieved in the bathroom.

Around one-third of daily water consumption in the home is caused by the toilet flush. With efficient flush technology tailored optimally to the WC ceramic appliance, the required flush volume can be drastically reduced.

The Geberit WC system offers outstanding flush performance, for example.

TIP: Plan your modern bathroom using the 3D bathroom planner

Our tip: By planning your bathroom in advance on screen using a simple planning tool, you can see the room to scale in the 3D view. You can then consult your local plumber or sanitary specialist, who can give you a quotation for creating your own dream bathroom.

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